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Cyber-Monday News Flash: Wolverine Worldwide speeds mobile shopping on 15 e-stores with Apple Pay

Posted by Kurt Nahikian

11/29/16 8:52 AM

For the last few months, CQL's Salesforce Commerce Cloud team has been working alongside Wolverine’s team to enable ‘swipe-to-pay’ on 15 North American websites, launching this month.

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Topics: eCommerce, Mobile Solutions, Digital Commerce

At CQL, this is what we are thankful for...

Posted by Kurt Nahikian

11/23/16 10:15 AM


We have to admit, this is always one of our favorite posts each year. An annual tradition where we ask each 0ther "What are you thankful for?"

Often it reminds us that there are other things going on in our lives than emails, wireframes, lines of code and meetings. So for our CQL family and friends, the 2016 Thankgiving "What are you thankful for...

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Topics: Culture

Apple Pay & Salesforce Enable Ecommerce Conversions for Mobile Holiday Shopping

Posted by Kurt Nahikian

10/27/16 6:09 AM

As CQL’s team prepares to launch Apple Pay across fourteen global brands on Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), we caught up with Chris Shaffer, a senior CQL developer and Ryan Petrick, CQL’s UX Design Director to gather some insights.

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Topics: eCommerce, UX

Building Fast Web Apps Fast with Webpack

Posted by Robby Emmert

10/10/16 7:32 AM

Before we dig into the techy details, let’s start with an excerpt from our previous blog on Webpack.

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Topics: Code

With online sales predicted to reach $523B by 2020, marketing teams are re-platforming their ecommerce stores.

Posted by Kurt Nahikian

10/6/16 7:35 AM

These days, brands with both traditional brick-n-mortar or indirect models are coming to grips with the fact that the eCommerce platforms they built 5 years ago will not be able to support the double-digit growth of this channel.

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Topics: eCommerce, Design, SEO